Cybersecurity Romania 2018

Cybersecurity Romania 2018


The only ITU-backed non-governmental yearly cybersecurity event in Europe

Awarded the title of “best practices for Europe”, the congress is thought and managed with the ITU and benefits of the constant technical assistance as well as VIP speakers grants for personalities in the field selected with the ITU. The Aegis of the Swiss Embassy and the presence of the Swiss Ambassador, since the 1st edition, is also a warrant of a neutral and positive event.

One of the only non-technical, non-marketing congresses in cybersecurity

Since its beginning, to allow a perfect interaction between the speakers and the audience, the congress refused systematically too niche-technical or marketing speeches (ITU rule).

A congress where only quality grows

Since 2014, the numbers are stable: between speakers and audience, the congress will never aim to gather more than 250 participants, ensuring the conditions for the best human interaction possible during social events, breaks and the congress it self.

Ensuring a better interaction between Romania and some leading countries in the EU, both in public and private sector

Since 2016, Switzerland, Italy and France were present with large delegations of some of their best public officers and private companies, who met all the competent authorities Romania has in the field as well as the top Romanian companies, from the biggest ones to the less world-known ones. The partnerships signed during the past editions are all confirmed, meaning the congress is centering Romania on the heart of the debate while allowing Romanian specialists to interact with their counterparts from some of the most dynamic European countries.

Bringing more internationality and diversity each year, by an equilibrium of participants and speakers

From an 80% Romanian speakers and attendees congress (2013) we reached a 50-50 percent (2016) between Romanian and foreigner speakers as well as attendees. We also ensured, since 2014, a very appreciated 50-50 between speakers from State and Academia organizations vs. Private Companies or Specialists, gathering 17 nationalities in the 2016 congress.

Networking and B2B for individuals and companies

Each company sponsoring the event is duly promoted by the organizers, has its own stand, and several B2B facilities or pre-arrangements for meetings. All participants can enjoy the dedicated non-stop coffee & pastry lounge for discussing in a nice atmosphere.

Dozens of international projects born during the congress

The specific Sibiu atmosphere allowed participants not only to meet, but to start projects together. Most of those projects are implemented, may them be contracts between state and private, state institutions inter-collaborating in specific trainings or projects or even PPPs on large-scale, long term funded projects.


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