Who are we?

The NGO Swiss Web Academy (SWA) is a Professional Association based in Sibiu, which aims to provide high-quality courses and products, but also culture and awareness-raising in the IT&C domain. SWA’s strength and major difference with its competitors resides in its unique working method: Swiss quality combined with Romanian flexibility. Its courses and products have been elaborated together with the Federal University of Applied Sciences, Dpt. of Engineering (Saint-Imier, Switzerland) as well as the Department of Engineering and Management (Yverdon) and the Technical University Institute of Belfort-Montbéliard (France) and are adapted to the specific needs of the Romanian market. SWA proposes a large panel of state-of-the-art trainings allowing students to apply directly their new knowledge in their professional environment. All the trainings are available either at our brand new classrooms in the heart of Sibiu, or online – one-to-one or in small groups – thanks to the Webacademy concept.

Security as a must

Preparing tomorrow’s top webprogrammers, webdesigners and webexperts is not only about offering high quality curricula. As a professional school, SWA always considered it bears a huge responsibility when it comes to the security aspect. Since 2010, SWA developed its own modules of courses and products, based on best practices examples gathered around the continent, not only for its students but for all the components of the society.

Children and teenagers benefit, in exclusivity in Romania, of courses of the ISECOM Hacker Highschool. As a matter of fact, Swiss Webacademy became ISECOM’s Project Volunteer Partner, by committing to translate into Romanian all the lessons of the world-known course.

Professionals from all horizons, CEOs and decision-makers can attend the “basics of cybersecurity” course as well as the “OSINT course” (Open Source Intelligence), delivered in exclusivity in Romania and in Romanian language in partnership with Security Brokers International.

Awareness-raising in collaboration with the best partners

Being a NGO means to take care of the society we are part of. In this sense, SWA made and continues to develop major awareness raising projects dedicated to cybersecurity threats. Swiss Webacademy became partner of the ITU COP project by fulfilling a demand of the ITU/D sector, i.e. to offer to Romanian-speaking citizens their own version of the two most important publications of the ITU’s COP (Child Online Protection) program. In 2016, in collaboration with the ITU and the GCSEC foundation of the Poste Italiane, Swiss Webacademy will make available the two volumes in Italian language. Both booklets will be launched in October, occasion of Europe’s Cybersecurity Month. In 2015, Swiss Webacademy started a fruitful collaboration with Nobody’s Children Foundation, which runs the Polish Safer Internet Centre (SIC), established in 2005 within the European Commission’s Safer Internet Program and also awarded by the ITU as “Best practices example for Europe”. SWA translated into Romanian several publications of Nobody’s Children Foundation. Just before the 3rd edition of our congress, the 23rd of September 2015, the books were launched during the biggest awareness-raising day ever hold in Romania. Thanks to the Sibiu County Council, the Sibiu School Inspectorate and the Romanian National Police and in collaboration with Bitdefender and Silensec, the event gathered in 3 different shows more than 800 kids and 200 adults. All these materials, and more to come, are downloadable for free on the dedicated website: www.securitate-online.ro

SWA own awareness-raising projects became international!

« Social Media Heroes – Social Media Victims. From hieroglyphs to Facebook.

Old and new History for youth and those who are writing today’s histories. »

Realized under the Aegis of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 30-poster exhibition was launched in its English version, in 2013, at the World Headquarter of the International Telecommunications Union (UN-Geneva), where, placed under the High Patronage of Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré, ITU former Secretary-General, it has been on show for three months. Following its success, the ITU granted its permanent Aegis to the exhibition, and the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) promoted it. Since now, the exhibition has been on show in Romania (Romanian version) as well as in Poland (Polish Version), where it is itinerant thanks to the Polish Government funded NGO Safer Internet Poland, in Switzerland (French version) thanks to the CLUSIS, the University of Geneva and the Geneva State Police. Since fall, it will be on show in Geneva’s main high schools. In October this year, thanks to the GCSEC foundation of the Poste Italiane, the première of its Italian version will be inaugurated in Rome, at the giant fair “Maker Faire, The European Edition” (www.makerfairerome.eu). In the winter period, its new translation into Bulgarian, thanks to the Lyons Club Ruse, will start to travel in one more country. Today, the exhibition already gathered a total of more than 200’000 visitors throughout its itinerancy, and many, many more visited its website (www.social-media-victims.eu)

An online awareness-publication accessible to readers in their own language

Since March 2015, in partnership with AGORA, Romania’s leader in IT media, Swiss Webacademy launched a quarterly journal accessible to the general public (available both, in printed version and 100% free online). Cybersecurity Trends is the first of its kind in Romanian language to be focused on this theme, where all Romanian concerned institutions (SRI, IGPR, CERT-RO, which have permanent dedicated sections) analysts and companies are sharing the latest threats to be made aware of and how to prevent them, plus a central folder dedicated to a specific issue, with contributions of European top specialists. Cybersecurity Trends is publishing news about the (almost) daily threats & attacks, changes in EU & RO legislation, court cases & law enforcement, interviews with the major stakeholders, case studies & analysis, practical advices. Information about companies, products, solutions, specialized trainings, books and dedicated events, are also covered. “Gathering articles from State and Private specialists, nice to read yet with very serious contents, is an achievement we hope to be exported and adapted as soon as possible in other countries.” (Marco Obiso, ITU Cybersecurity Coordinator)

In this winter, Cybersecurity Trends will give birth to two “sisters”.

– a French version dedicated to Switzerland will be published in partnership with the CLUSIS, the Swiss Association of Information Security.

– an Italian version will be published in partnership with the GCSEC foundation of the Poste Italiane.